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Essential documents to be sent by the employer companies: 

The overseas employers must send the following documents to our company in Nepal and we apply to the Director General, Department of Labor in Nepal for permission to recruit manpower through advertisements in National Daily Newspapers. The documents required are:

1. Demand Letter (Qatar)
2. Power of attonery
3. Employment Agrement
4. Gurantee Letter
5. Service Agrement

A demand letter must listing job categories and numbers of worker required. Power of attorney authority the agent to act on behalf of Employer Company. Specimen copy of employment contract must show the benefits including salary, overtime, accommodation, food, and medical facilities and traveling expense etc.

All the documents must duly attest by either chamber of commerce or ministry of foreign affairs or Notary Public or Embassy of Nepal in the country of respective employer company.

Required document from Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman & UAE to recruit the Manpower from Nepal

1. Demand Letter.

2. Power of Attorney.

3. Employment Contract.

4. Guarantee Letter

5. Agency Agreement.

Required document from Saudi Arabia to recruit Manpower from Nepal

1. Visa Slip.

2. Consulate Authorization.

3. Demand Letter.

4. Power of attonery.

5. Commercial Registration.

6. Employment Contract.

7. Agency agreement.

8. Guarantee Letter.

Required document from Malaysia to recruit the people from Nepal

1. KDN approval (from Labour Ministry).

2. Translation letter (from Labour Ministry or Home Ministry).

3. Demand Letter.

4. Power of Attonery.

5. Agency Agreement.

6. Employment Contract.

7. His Excellency ( Letter written by employer company to Malaysian Consulate in Nepal).

8. Letter from Nepal Embassy to Labour Department Nepal.

9. Notary Public ( Notari awam).

10. ID copy of authorized person of Employer Company