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Sales, Marketing And Research Department

Sales, Marketing & Research Department
Asmita International Overseas is one of the best manpower supplier companies in Nepal. This Overseas company is run by renowned businessman and has qualified and efficient staffs as well. Up to now we have sent more than 1000 workers to Malaysia and gulf country.
We have a great commitment to serve employees and employers. The goal of the company is to find out the quality sectors and improve the business. Research and Marketing is one of the most important outlets of our company. All wants to be better, so do we. so, Asmita overseas is trying to do the best, establishing a new department known as Sales, Marketing & Research, so, to promote sales, research and marketing is needed. Using our dedication, commitment and long last vision, we are exploring the market. To enter through the gateway of success in business, customer satisfaction theory is extremely important.
We are established as a service oriented company.
We are  aware  different visions,  plans  and implementations.

Asmita International Overseas Sales, Research and Marketing is studying the market. To study the market it has applied different business tools. It is keeping in touch with different relevant companies, organizations, individuals as well as government agencies.


Objectives of Marketing Department

  1. To explore and survey of market.
  2. To supply ideal workers for different company & industries.
  3. To conduct training programs, to arrange seminar and discussions about the promotion of business.
  4. To introduce our company to the business world.
  5. To maintain sound relationship with other companies.
  6. To select appropriate job for appropriate canditate. To make sound relationship with companies, employers, agents as well as employees.
  7. To be responsible for the complaints and comments.
  8. Follow relevant suggestation from our valued clients.
  9. To concentrate on research programs and quality control of the business.